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"Review the lost knowledge of the past with creative views for the present & the future!"

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Visiondium (Vision Compendium), Vision Presentation, Visionary Method, Kantianism, Husserlianism, Neo Phenomenology, Tolstoyanism, Trans-Esoterism, Alternative Thinking; Anthropo-Theosophism; Multi Transdisciplinary, Past, Present, Future; Historical Reconstruction, Digital Interaction, Symbolism, Fascinating Fringe Sciences, Consciousness Research, Universal Enlightenment: Critical Universalism, Terra Incognita, World Wonders, Economic Transformations, Mysterious Codes, Projected Astronomy, Underwater Archeology, Undeciphered Codex, Manuscripts or Incriptions, Natural Science Phenomena, Digital or Mathematical Mysteries, Natural, Physical & Biological Experiments, Secret Archives, Secret Conservation & Blue Zones, Pan-Evolutionism, Activity 'Beyond Science & Reason' = Forgotten Cosmoscopian Heritage?

Vivat Visiondium!

"Visionary Learning Circle"

The selected participants (with special application) will be allowed to follow the Visionary Learning Circle (VLC) of the Cosmoscopia Community Project to encourage members to develop or to improve one's own visions by listening to the works and suggestions of others in the group. Learn to encourage yourself to present your original visions! (Dare to enter the Global Citizen Sites --> To experience the Sacral 'V' Gates: --> "Cosmoscopia Visionary Hall", "Kantgrad City Hall" & "Visiondium Temple Hall", and many more.)

(Frequently Asked Questions)

[F-A-Q Short Summary -- Important for all participants!]

Q: What is Visiondium?
A: Visiondium (Vision Compendium) is part of a global heritage event in the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley (Loreley Valley) which intends to explore the imperishable visions of the relevant thinkers of the globe in the context of Visionary Deduction; Visionary Method; Kantianism; Husserlianism; Neo Phenomenology; Esoteric transformation; Alternative Thinking; Universal Enlightenment and Cosmoscopianism, to review the lost knowledge of the past (forgotten historical legacies, lost inventions, mysterious experiments, fringe sciences, eccentric observations) with the unique creative ideas or views for the present (actual trends, consciousness research, alternative health research, blue zones) & the future (futurology, delphi method, meditative tendencies, etc.), including the basic formal logics by presenting selected actual perspectives around the borders between contextual alternative thinking with special esoteric transformation; enlightened religiosity against the stream, spiritual revolutionaries & 'meta-science' with universal system of special theoretical approachment, and many more. Call for papers will be opened for workshop participants only.

Q: Who can participate in the Visiondium?
A: Basically, Visiondium is divided into two parts between "General Visiondium" & "Special Visiondium". For the first part, including entering the general visionary presentation is open for all and free of charge and for the second part (intermediate skills or advanced level) is highly recommended for ultra creative students, post- & graduate students, productive academicians, special researchers, professionals, politicians, journalists, artists, community activists or anyone interested or engaged in research on contemporary universal perspectives of our era in the context of alternative thinking with universal system of theoretical approachments. For both parts, you have to register online in order to be confirmed as participant with a special certification. Please send us a copy of your complete personal travel documents, if you need offcial invitation to be processed. For additional programs of the Visiondium (cultural or poster presentation, exhibition, etc., please contact our local team on time!)

Q: Where can I apply?
A: Online registration are preferable. Please visit our selected websites, join, renew or enter the membership area & click the button register and put your basic personal data only! That's it! You'll be automatically registered and will be part of our global Visiondium community. All participants, presenters or contributors are automatically parts of visiondium community, after successful registration with confirmation.

Q: What are the deadlines?
A: Visiondium registration for passive participation is open until the day of the event, except for the visionary workshop participation or cultural presentation (with special registration & confirmation upon request only).

Q: What is the deadline for cultural presentation or workshop?
A: We have aplication deadline for visionary workshop or cultural presentation (receiving confirmation after succesfull registering only). Visiondium workshop will be incorporated in separate venues for selected participants with mentoring of the prominent speakers.

Q: Can I only attend Visiondium without workshop or cultural participation and other programs?
A: Yes, but you'll lose the great opportunity to learn more about a comprehensive heritage Visiondium around the UNESCO World Heritage the Middle Rhine Valley (Loreley Valley).

Q: What are the costs?
A: All sessions of the "General Visiondium" International Event, except "Special Visiondium" (Cultural Experiences & Visionary Workshops) are open for public and free of charge, including limited meals (tea or coffee breaks, except the special accommodation, lunch & dinner) are FREE of charge, but you have to register online in order to be confirmed as participant with a special certification. Donations are wellcome. General participants have to pay the fees only for the panoramic heritage tour (Rhine River Cruises "In the Valley of the Loreley"); active participants & invited speakers will be paid by our sponsors & partners. Participants for Visiondium workshop have to pay special fees, but for those who unable to pay the fees can apply for financial assistance. Workshop participation will be charged separately with Cosmoscopian privileges. Participants unable to pay the workshop fee, accommodation and excursion (panoramic heritage tour), can apply for financial assistance. Deadlines for accommodation, workshop, excursion & cultural application: (receiving confirmation after succesfull registering only).

Q: Are financial or accommodation supports available for workshops, cultural performances and panoramic heritage tours, etc?
A: For registered active Cosmoscopian activists, the Visiondium committee will provide acknowledgement letter for applying fund to relevant sponsors and partners. Please contact us via email with your special arguments, etc.

Q: Where are the venues:
A: Main venues will be held around the UNESCO World Heritage Loreley Valley, Germany (e.g.: In 2013 we had the main venue at the Cultural Center "Villa Sachsen", Bingen, Germany. Address: Mainzer Str. 184, 55411 Bingen am Rhein); Additional venues will be held on demand or supported agreements around the beautiful towns of the Loreley Valley (Bingen / Ruedesheim, Assmannhausen / Trechtingshausen, Lorch / Niederheimbach, Kaub / Bacharach, Oberwesel, St. Goar / St. Goarhausen, and other surrounding areas.)

Q: Who are behind the Visiondium?
A: Visiondium ("Vision Compendium") as Universal Heritage Project was initiated in 2010 by Cosmoscopia Club International (CCI) and Kantgrad International Society (KIS); coordinated firstly by phenomenologist, polemologist & historian MAI DAR and Co. & hosted or supported by the e-Transfer Corner (e-TC), Marburg University. All visionary presentations will be selected several times annually by a special committee with special inputs of Cosmoscopian activists and the support of the international expert board affiliated to various academic institutions around the globe.

Q: How can I get more infos?
A: Please consult all infos on our website and read or peruse systematically. After online registration you'll get more infos automatically about the actual Visiondium (will be updated regularly).
Our support time is in extremely short supply. Before contacting us, please check our info and FAQ pages to see if your problem is explained there; To overview, please search our past issues above; To drop your enquiries for revisions, etc., please use our alternative contact form via Imprint. [e-TC, CCI, etc.]
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team (secretariat). More actual details will be delivered per email or after the first day of the heritage visiondium (please download the actual schedule of the important dates).
You can follow us also via various social networkings such as event alerts, mailing lists or social networks such as twitter, facebook, google plus+, pinterest, instagram, youtube, dropbox, skype, whatsapp; or via webinars, teleconferences, internet radios, internet tvs, chat rooms; or via github, dribble, linkedin, tumblr, flickr, vimeo, spreakers, soundcloud, rss, blogger, tagged, meetup,, foursquare, trip advisor, yelp, etc.
We cannot be held responsible for any mistakes, inaccuracies or other errors by preparing or presenting this event.

Event Profiles
General Rules

Short Profile
Visiondium (Vision Compendium) is a project offering sessions on the latest visionary themes and argumentative perspective between frontier science and academic research, global experts share their visions, discussion with key representatives in interdisciplinary sciences, impressive exibitions with alternative focus, intercultural stage & experimental sessions, performances or workshops with actionable guidance [including Special Exhibitions (Picture / Poster Session) "Weekend Program on Demand" (Tourist Information Package, and more].

Sign Up (Registration)
By registering you agree to the terms and conditions of Club event, meetings and training services. Due to the limited capacity, registration only by e-mail / website preference!
There is no entitlement to a commitment and confirmation of the event; the organizer also makes no compensation for items that are lost or stolen during the event; The organizer accepts no liability for property or personal injury; The liability for damages from contractual, quasi-contractual, tortious or other legal grounds shall be excluded.
Upon registration, each participant confirms to follow the general regulations and all relevant instructions. The Participation is at his own risk. Each participant agrees to waive all claims to the organizer or organizers and their assistants or agents. The organizer reserves the right to change the programs and a cancellation of the event if necessary.
In the interest of the participants, the group size of an event is usually limited. When fully booked events, we have a waiting list, or strive for an alternative.
The visitor is obliged to identify himself at the request of the organizer by a valid photo ID. The organizer reserves the right to to refuse admission to the event for visitors without photo ID. The visitors have no right to claim of making digital recordings without permission of the organizer.
The visitor grants the organizers the right to be able to be captured on photos and / or film material. The visitor agrees that this material can be made available publicly. The visitor is not entitled to the rights of image recordings that are photographed or filmed in the context of the event from the organizers or their authorized persons and upon which he can be seen.
The participant agrees to be received by direct or indirect participation in the event happening on television or digital camera and of photographers during the event in picture and sound. A claim for compensation through the use of these images does not exist.
In principle, all conference participants report regardless of their function to the Organizing Committee of the Cosmoscopia Club International (CCI). The participant data will be published and archived in the event directory.
The processing of credentials is in accordance with § 4 and § 20 of the German Data Protection Act (gemaess § 4 und § 20 des Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes). You agree that your name an the company (icluding address and relevant data) will be listed in a participating list or summary publication.

General rules during the event
General common standard rules that apply in the event/conference must be obeyed. Please read all the instructions systematically or listen aith full attentive all the rules issued by organizing committee during the event/meeting.

Accompanying the event will be held an exhibition in suitable rooms (lobby, etc.), which are located in close proximity to the plenary sessions.
Registration for the exhibition takes place at each local committee that stand sizes, equipment and location as required by the spatial conditions specifies - as far as possible taking into account the exhibitor desires.

At irregular intervals, the annual conferences are evaluated in order to meet the expectations of all event participants can meet. The questionnaire aimed not only at participants / exhibitors / other interested persons of the current meeting/event, but also to participants at previous sessions.

The event, if possible, will be financed by sponsors, partners, donations and active member fees or revenues from the event fees or fees for exhibition, performances, product reviews, workshops, etc. This fee is calculated from the respective costs on-site (room rental, computer equipment and support, guidance system, printing costs, etc.). For additional benefits, please refer to the respective announcement program. Reservations for overnight stays take the participants before himself. Divergent regulations, please refer to the announcement. Otherwise, it could be also possible, the event will be organized on demand in a closed society.

Sponsorship/Advertising during the Conference
Sponsoring concept. Companies have several ways to support the conference: Advertising opportunities also exist in / through: conference documents, conference bags, posters, wedbsites, banners, etc.

Event/Meeting places
The event will take place at different venues in Europe (Germany, etc.), especially in the Loreley Valley and the surrounding area. The club board receives inputs of the club members who are willing to host an annual meeting. Performance for the authorization provided by Club event is selected by Club venue; moreover, the place of performance is the Loreley Valley (UNESCO Middle Rhine River Valley).

Event/meeting schedules
The event will take place once a year (General Visiondium) or several times a year (Special Visiondium).

Program of event
Content and execution of the program and the use and exchange of presenters/lecturers can be changed while maintaining the overall character of the event. We reserve the right to move events in space and time.

Cancellation of Event
The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event, to change the data, the venue and the programm, with the result of the cancellation of participation of speakers or a change in the date / time of its participation. If an event has to be canceled due to a special reason, you will get the information on time. Special reasons are for example a disease presenter (Lecturer) / a presenter (lecturer) or low number of participants. Further claims do not exist.

Visionary presentations/lectures
Club members and non-members can submit vision presentations/lectures the the event, which relate to the respective conference motto or in a mixed sesssion categories. In general, the presentation time is 15 to max. 20 minutes followed by a discussion period of 10 minutes. In principle, no lectures from commercial providers be included in the main program (plenary lectures).
The organizers can not pay fees for visionary or cultural presentation /l ecture or relevant contribution.
It is expected an abstract on the agreed date, that prior to the meeting will appear on the conference website and to the conference in the respective conference proceedings. Desirable is the short version of the presentation (eg as ppt) for Visiondium site - after the meeting. For selected contributions is after the meeting the possibility of publishing the full version in our international journal, etc.
If you would like to present your presentation via poster only, please coordinate with our local team.

Both Club members as well as external (commercial) providers have a chance to offer cultural performances/workshops at the event.
Workshops of the Club members are assumed to be part of the club-house training offers and are not charged for the providers. To cover the costs (travel expenses, room rent, etc.) will be payable by participants for a fee. The providers do not receive remuneration (honorarium). Workshops of the commercial providers are free for this fee and free for participants.

The club is not liable for damages for loss of life, limb or health or breach of contract by the statutory provisions. A claim for compensation for direct or indirect damage does not exist.

Additional agreements
Everyone is responsible for his own participation and the data published in Visiondium opinions do not represent the stance of organizer or Cosmoscopia Club). The attendance at the event at their own risk. The organizer is not liable in case of accidents; this also applies to major negligence and other relevant problems. Collateral agreements and agreements that deviate from these terms and conditions should always be discussed and agreed in writing.

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Short Summary for Participants
(Especially for Visiondium Presenters & Workshop Participants)
[Call for Papers & Call for Nominations]


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Trip Advisor, Foursquare & Co.

Otherwise you can search more details via qualified search machines or visit specific local websites promoting the Unesco Loreley Valley directly, such as:

Loreley Info, Loreley Touristik, Welterbe Mittelrhein, Tal der Loreley, Welterbe Oberes Mittelrheintal, Welterbe Gastgeber Mittelrheintal, Bingen, Ruedesheim, Trechtingshausen, Lorch, Niederheimbach, Bacharach, Kaub, Oberwesel, St. Goar, St. Goarhausen, Boppard, Rhens, Lahnstein, Koblenz, and more.

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